September 19, 2018

When selecting a mediator, parties should should always seek to find an individual or firm that has fully mastered the law and attends regularly continuing education courses. Hamblen County, Tennessee native, Tim Woodard and His firm are all Juris Doctor prepared. Compromising of attorneys, mediators, and aspiring lawyers (current law students) attend continuing education courses regularly in order to maintain a second to none proficiency in the areas of family and civil law.

For the months of September and October,  Tim Woodard and his firm will be attending the following CME courses:

September  26, 2018

  • East Tennessee Family Law Summit

October 12, 2018

  • The 16th Annual Advanced Mediation Techniques Workshop

Owned and managed by Morristown, TN native, Tim Woodard, TW Mediation Firm offers quality and affordable mediation services that are aimed to meet the needs of any party engaged in a civil or family law proceeding.

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August 16, 2018
The attitude someone has at the bottom of the food chain, says a lot about who that person is at heart. In the case of Tim Woodard, he always had an attitude that says to work hard no matter the position you hold. He attributes this attitude to his East Tennessee upbringing which taught him to always have a blue collar work ethic. He has gained work experience ranging from courtroom attorney to contract liaison and negotiations and even legal marketing. As time has gone on, Tim Woodard has earned many different titles and maintained his integrity in belief and attitude throughout.